Top 11 Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2023


Many homeowners want innovative and tech-driven bathroom decoration ideas for their homes. They invest time and effort in enhancing bathroom fixtures and fittings like mirrors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and other accessories. Aside from the aesthetic aspects of a bathroom, it is also essential to enhance the bathroom’s overall wellness and sustainability.

One of the popular bathroom trends for 2023 is a backlit bathroom mirror. Besides its aesthetic benefits, bathroom mirrors can be used when brushing teeth, putting on makeup, or fixing one’s hair.

For those who want to add glam to a bathroom space, homeowners can opt for a backlit LED bath mirror that can add a contemporary style with a classic twist. Adding a backlit mirror can help the bathroom look sophisticated and relaxing.

Terrazzo floors and walls are also trending for bathrooms in 2023. The signature stone specks of Terrazzo are available in various colors and sizes, and each style can be unique and attractive. The strength and ease of installation are why many consumers prefer terrazzo floors and walls for their bathrooms.

Another hot bathroom trend for 2023 is anthracite accents, hard coal, or black coal with submetallic shine. Due to its high densities and few impurities, anthracite is ideal for environments sensitive to heat or moisture, such as bathrooms.

Metallic accents in fixtures and bathroom hardware are also dominating trends this year. To warmly contrast the stark and tiled bathroom space, homeowners can look for softened metallics like champagne or brushed gold to complement the area. Homeowners can use more than one metallic finish for fixtures and hardware as more bathrooms opt for mixed metallics.

When choosing which 2023 bathroom trend is ideal for one’s bathroom at home, it is essential to align fixtures and accessories to the overall style and design. Gathering fresh ideas and inspiration from the current bathroom trends can help solidify what homeowners want for their renovation projects at home.


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