Tips for buying and using the right kind of SUP accessories

Paddleboarding needs only two essential components- a paddle and a stand-up paddleboard. However, with the help of paddle accessories, you can have more fun and be comfortable in the waters. Honu paddleboard offers you the right accessories. With Honu paddle accessories, you can make your adventure more exciting.

Tips for SUP leash 

The foremost tip for buying a leash is to get the right length of the leash. Buy a length that is 1foot longer than your SUP. If you want to opt for paddling in the river, get a leash with a breakaway feature that helps you free yourself in case your paddleboard gets tangled among the debris. You can attach your leash to your calf or ankle; however, attaching to the calf is better since it doesn’t easily get tangled in the feet.

Tips for board deck bags

With a deck bag, you don’t have to wear backpacks and can keep essential items close to yourself. When you shop for deck bags, choose the ones with a wide volume and enough space to carry the most items. It is better to buy deck bags with insulation, which also acts as a cooler for your board. It is better to check whether the deck bag attaches to your SUP and whether attachment points are already on your board.

Tips for board storage bags. 

Inflatable sup storage bags help protect your paddleboard during the process of storage and transportation. When shopping for a storage bag, always select the right colour and size. A silver or white coloured bag is a viable option as it helps in reflecting the sun and keeps your board cooler. Ensure the right side of the bag fits the board properly. Find a storage bag that is waterproof and protects your SUP from moisture.

Tips for SUP Mounts

There are many mounts available in the market to attach accessories to your board. If you want to take your smartphone while paddling, go for paddle mounts that allow you to view messages, check maps, and track distance. Put your phone in a waterproof case before placing it in the mount. If you want to keep drinks close by you, go for a beverage holder.

Tips for SUP Carts

You can opt for the wheeled cart for carrying inflatable SUP to and from the paddleboarding destination. A SUP cart makes your work simpler. While shopping for sup carts, check whether you need a centre carry cart to support the board’s centre or an end carry cart for supporting the board’s tail.

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