What’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To Get A Loan In Singapore?

Do you need a fast loan in Singapore? If you face an emergency and need to have urgent cash on your hands, then getting an urgent loan will help you out. In addition, it will enable you to ease your financial difficulties.

Fast loans in Singapore are designed to meet all your emergency needs. So, if you are looking for some financial assistance, you can get an urgent loan from financial institutions like banks and from licensed moneylenders. For your convenience, we will list everything you have to know about the fastest and easiest way to get a loan in Singapore.

What is a fast loan?

A fast loan refers to a short-term loan that offers funds to people who are in an emergency. For getting a fast loan in Singapore, you need to first secure your credit score to avail yourself of a fast loan application. Having a good credit score will increase your chances of getting fast loans in Singapore. Moreover, loan providers will approve your loan application more quickly with a good credit score.

So, when you have a good credit score, you will be able to meet your financial requirements easily during emergencies. This is because the loan providers will grant you funds immediately and directly. Once you receive approval for your fast loan, you can use it for all your needs.

You can pay for immediate repairs and essential bills. Typically, you have to repay within a term period ranging from one to six months; that is why it is called a fast or a short-term loan. But, you have to ensure that you can pay back the borrowed money within the specific term period.

What are the different kinds of fast loans in Singapore?

  • Personal loan

Borrowing from a bank, moneylender, or credit union will help you get a personal loan. You can pay it back in the form of fixed monthly instalments. It is a kind of an unsecured loan that you can get from a non-banking financial company or NBFC. For this, you will need to meet criteria such as your repayment capacity and income level.

You will not have to add any collateral. Interest rates of personal loans are better in comparison to credit cards. But, unlike any other loan, if you default on a loan, it can have a detrimental impact.

  • Credit card advance loan

Credit card advance loans are generally short-term loans that will enable you to get cash rapidly if the credit card is not accepted. You will get urgent loans of this type with the help of available balances on your credit card.

Your credit card provider will impose the interest rates, and the service processing charge for cash advances and interest rates are higher than the normal usage of your credit card. The accumulation of the interest rates will start when you use or withdraw the money. So, be mindful of the usage of your fund.

And to unravel the path of how to become a credit card processor, one should begin by acquiring knowledge in financial services, payment processing technologies, and compliance regulations. Building a network within the industry and honing negotiation skills will be pivotal for establishing a successful career as a credit card processor.

  • Payday loan

You can get your payday loan from a licensed money lender Singapore lowest interest rate for the short term to secure your monetary emergency needs. For this, you will have to repay the borrowed amount on the next payday. You will have to clear your payday loan in full instead of paying in monthly instalments.

  • Pawnshop loan

In a pawnshop loan, you will have to give a valuable item to get a loan. Here, you will have to keep collateral whose value the pawnshop will decide. In case you are unable to repay your loan, the pawnshop will sell your item.

What are the advantages of fast loans?

  • You do not have to wait for a long application process. Lenders will make the process easy and quick for you. This will help you access urgent loans as fast as possible. The average application time for a fast loan is thirty minutes.
  • In comparison to traditional loans, fast loans have a high approval rate. Your lender will evaluate your eligibility and will provide you with a small loan amount for a short-term period.
  • You can determine your repayment schedule with your lender. And the repayment terms will be affordable.

What are the disadvantages of fast loans?

Fast loans may appear to be convenient, but they come with a set of disadvantages. Some of them are listed down below.

  • Fast loans have high rates. If you do not have a proper credit score to qualify for a fast loan, you will have to end up borrowing from a lender at a high rate.


People in Singapore can now borrow fast loans when they are in urgent need of money. Moreover, the short repayment period will help them repay their loans faster at affordable rates.

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